ACLJ: Pastor Youcef Sees His Son on His Son’s Birthday

ACLJ news service

Yesterday, 2nd of April was Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani’s son’s birthday. While he didn’t got the present he really wanted, his father’s freedom, he did receive a very special gift. Pastor Youcef’s son was able to visit his father in prison.

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani and his two sons in Iran

This was not only a birthday present for his son, but serves as an early birthday present for Pastor Youcef, who will celebrate his 35th birthday and the two-and a half year mark of his imprisonment next week. Over the course of Pastor Youcef’s illegal imprisonment in Iran, he has only been permitted to see his children a handful of times.

Not only does this mean that Pastor Youcef is still alive, but it is a precious reminder of what we are fighting for – freedom for a loving father, a devoted husband, a caring pastor, and a devout follower of Christ.

The information from our sources in Iran that Pastor Youcef is still alive should also put to rest any lingering rumors of his execution. Last week, ACLJ told you about a number of false rumors circulating the Internet that Pastor Youcef had been executed. That post was very successful in stomping out the false rumors, and Snopes (a website dedicated to debunking internet rumors) used the ACLJ’s information to expose these false rumors.


CNN: Iran must stop persecuting minority religions

Roxana Saberi of CNN writes: “According to the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Iran’s judiciary has ordered the verdict to be delayed, possibly for one year. But Nadarkhani’s supporters hope sustained worldwide pressure will lead to his just and immediate release.

As international criticism has mounted, an Iranian official has alleged that Nadarkhani is being prosecuted not for his faith but for crimes including rape and extortion. Nadarkhani’s attorney, however, says the only charge the pastor has faced is apostasy, and court documents support this assertion.”

Our efforts are making a difference and we must keep the pressure on to ensure Pastor Nadarkhani’s speedy release. Join us and help!

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Our chance to save Pastor Nadarkhani: Iran Delays Death Sentence for Christian Pastor

According to CBN news, the head of the Iranian judiciary instructed the court to delay its decision for another four months, giving is the chance to save Youcef Nadarkhani from execution or a forced conversion to Islam. Please help us bring about his speedy release to the loving arms of his wife and children. Send a letter to world leaders and encourage them to take a stand today!

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Pastor Yousef: Convert or die?

The Washington Post discussed Pastor Nadarkhani in an editorial: “Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, the Iranian Christian cleric facing death for the crime of apostasy against an Islamic faith he never held, has been given a temporary stay of execution. Iran’s top judge, Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, instructed presiding Judge Ghazi Kashani to delay carrying out capital punishment for a year in order to give time for Mr. Nadarkhani to recant Christianity and become a Muslim.”

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Iran pastor (Yousef) to remain in prison

Baptist Press updates that an Iranian court had ordered any decision on pastor Nadarkhani to be delayed at least four months, meaning he will be in prison there during Christmas and well into the new year.

It appears as though the media attention and countless letter, faxes, emails have yet to move the Iranian authorities so it is crucial that we keep the pressure on and save Yucef Nadarkhani.

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“Nadarkhani’s Doom” – Prevent it Now

The American Interest writes: “Iran is not a good place for anybody except a few mullahs and their thuggish cronies these days, but it is a particularly bad place to be a Christian. … Bigotry like this, led by a government intent on executing those whose faith they dislike, must be publicized and fought. ”

Join the effort and bring Pastor Youcef home for Christmas!

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