Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani Spends 35th Birthday With Family

The American Center for Law and Justice has confirmed that Iranian authorities allowed Youcef Nadarkhani’s family and local lawyers to visit him while in prison on April 11, which marked the evangelical Christian pastor’s 35th birthday.

In addition to the date marking Nadarkhani’s birthday, it was also the 913th day of imprisonment for the married father of two. The pastor was arrested in Oct. 2009 for protesting the mandatory teaching of Islam at his children’s schools.

His charges were later changed to apostasy and attempting to evangelize Muslims, for which he was sentenced to death.

Nadarkhani has gained a large amount of international support since his imprisonment, with Brazil, the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, the United States and Europe Union, France, and Great Britain all publicly arguing that Iran is in violation of the International Declaration of Human Rights and the Iranian constitution.

The human rights ministry Present Truth Ministries organized an international prayer vigil and fasting day on April 11 in honor of Nadarkhani, and for the committed Christian to have wisdom, strength, peace, and be release from prison.

Similarly, hundreds of protesters supported Nadarkhani in Hamburg, Germany on April 7 through an organized march and vigil, during which they prayed for Nadarkhani’s release.



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