‘Tweet for Youcef’ Keeps Spotlight on Iranian Pastor Nadarkhani

In an effort to ensure the court case of Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani stay in the international spotlight, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has taken to the social media platform Twitter to maintain public awareness for Nadarkhani’s plight.

The ACLJ organization is sponsoring the “Tweet for Youcef” campaign. The Twitter application would allow the ACLJ to send a daily tweet regarding Youcef Nadarkhani via another user’s account.

The tweet would entail the number of days Nadarkhani has been imprisoned, facts about his court case, and a link back to the ACLJ’s Nadarkhani information page. The tweet would end in “Via OfficialACLJ.”

This is just one way human rights watchdogs are attempting to keep Nadarkhani’s case in the public eye. Other organizations, including The Voice of the Martyrs USA, offers those following Nadarkhani’s case the opportunity to write to him, offering him words of encouragement.

“The good news is that he has really stood firm in his faith, and the other good news is that the world is still paying attention,” Todd Nettleton, Director of Media Development at The Voice of the Martyrs, previously told The Christian Post.

Nadarkhani’s case has also received a large amount of international pressure.

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